Renewal of membership

Please, fill in textboxes, tick appropriate checkboxes, make necessary changes and then pay and return the form to the treasurer by clicking the "Send data ..." and then Pay-Pal-button "Donate" at the end of this form!
ITMA dues were set at USD 85.00 to present as low barrier as we could to encourage participation by the widest possible range of occupations from all nations. However, everyone is encourraged to add a voluntary additional contribution to support the goals of the organization; members accustomed to substantially higher professional society dues are particularly encouraged to consider increasing their total ITMA dues closer to levels with which they are more familiar.
  • Membership dues: USD 85.00 / year

ITMA's goal is to embrace the entire world, which contains countries with widely varying economic conditions. Also, individual circumstances vary greatly. Accordingly, a special membership dues category is available. Please check the appropriate checkbox below if you are eligible for a reduced fee and wish to use it. (All members enjoy all member benefits.)

  • Total annual income from all sources below USD 20,000. Dues is USD 45.00 / year.
How to proceed .........
  1. Send the above completed form to ITMA treasurer by clicking "Send data to ITMA treasurer" - button below.
  2. Pay the annual dues (plus an extra contribution if you want) by using the "Pay Pal Donate" button.

If you don't have a Pay Pal account and not want to create one - use the "Continue" option at the linked Pay  Pal web site which is shown when you have clicked the Donate button.

Thank you for renewing your membership in ITMA!