Abstracts and Presentations

Poster 1 ABSP1
Effects of analgesics doses on driving performance
J.N. Amato, S. Marie, C. Berthelon, V. Lelong-Boulouard, P. Denise, M.L Bocca
Poster 2 ABSP2 POSTER2
Prevention of simulator-sickness by reducing the impact of peripheral motion cues
R.B. Busscher, P.C. van Wolffelaar, W.H. Brouwer
Poster 3 ABSP3
Evaluation of an older driver training program
R.J. Davidse& A.T.G. Hoekstra
Poster 4 ABSP4
Existing and new technologies to improve drivers’ speeding behaviour
S.M.R. Ghadiri. A.F. Sadullah
Poster 5 withdrawn
The detective approach to road crash investigation in Mauritius
Sungker Harvindradas
Poster 6 ABSP6 POSTER6
Accessibility of Shared Space areas for Visually Impaired People
Else Havik, Bart Melis-Dankers, Frank Steyvers, Aart Kooijman
Poster 7 ABSP7 POSTER7
Do young drivers’ thinking styles impact on their driving styles?
Lucienne Kleisen
Poster 8 withdrawn
The relationship between visuo-spatial and visuo-motor functions and fitness to drive as assessed in a driving simulator and in a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment
Anthousa Landman and Wiebo Brouwer
Poster 9 ABSP9
Clinical analysis on 3417 patients with traumatic brain injury
Hou Lijun, Jin Hai, Lu Yicheng, Pan Chengguang, Wang Zhengguo
Poster 10 ABSP10
Clinical treatment of TBI complicated by cranial nerve injury

Hou Lijun, Jin Hai, Lu Yicheng, Pan Chengguang, Wang Zhengguo

Poster 11 ABSP11
Police students drivers in Sweden – a quantiative regional study in Sweden based on driver experiences and attitudes to risks in driving police vehicle
Jörgen Lundälv
Poster 12 ABSP12
Traffic injuries and social support by caseworkers in Sweden: a national webquestionnaire survey
Jörgen Lundälv
Poster 13 ABSP13 POSTER13
Management of major trauma
Abdel-hay Mashhour
Poster 14 ABSP14
Impacts on road safety by the growing vehicles fleet in para state communities, Brazil
Luiz Miranda, Marcelo Almeida, Michelle Borges, Carmem Oliveira, Fabrício Santos, Kleber Salim, Maria Rocha, Mário Valente
Poster 15 ABSP15
Training excercise and rehabilitation program for drivers with low back pain, control study
Mokhtari I., Ghobadi J., Kamalifard M.
Poster 16 ABSP16
Fatigue and drivers: education program for safety on the roads
Mokhtari I., Ghobadi J., Kamalifard M.
Poster 17 ABSP17
Trend and features of age distribution of persons involved in road traffic crashes in China
Jun Qiu, Ji-hong Zhou, Guo-dong Liu, Zhi-quan, Jiang, Xin-cai Zhao, Zheng-guo Wang
Poster 18 ABSP18
Driving performance with ophthalmological disorders
M.D. Song Hee Park, M.D. Jun Ho Choi
Poster 19 ABSP19
Association of a few interventions by police with changes in traffic injuries in Iran
H. Soori, A. Naser Moadeli, M. Movahedi, M.R. Mehmandar
Poster 20 ABSP20 POSTER20
Road work accidents involving truck drivers and sleep disorders
A.M.K.S. Szymanski, J. Szymanski, M.L.S. Szymanski, C.R.M. Moreno