Abstract Submission

The following instructions for authors were used for the congress in Melbourne:

Please follow these instructions carefully. Abstracts that do not conform to the required format will be returned for reformatting


FORMAT AND SIZE: The dimensions of the abstract must not exceed 17 cm wide x 12 cm deep, including the title, authors,

and institutional addresses.

The font to be used throughout is 11 point Times New Roman single spacing. If the text will not fit within the specified size, please edit it to fit; do not use a font size less than 11 point.

Before typing the abstract, please set your word processor to the following

  • Paper Size: A4 (not Letter or Custom)
  • Margins: Top, Bottom, Left and Right set to 2 cm
  • Typeface and Font: Times New Roman 11 point.

The Title should be typed in Upper Case and Bold, and should be CENTRED on the page Author(s) Name(s) should be typed immediately below the title and should be CENTRED on the page Institutional affiliation(s) should be typed immediately below authors and should be CENTRED on the page

Leave one line space before the text of the abstract. The text of the abstract should be LEFT ALIGNED and ideally should include reference to as much of the study being reported on as possible to date. If you are referring to previous work, it is enough to cite “Author (Date)” in the body of the abstract – it is not necessary to include the full reference details.

Please note that the overall length of the abstract including Title, Authors and Institutional affiliations must not exceed 12 cm

Leave four line spaces under the abstract and type the following information:

PROGRAMMING DETAILS: please indicate the preferred mode of presentation, using one of the following “invited paper” “oral only”, “poster only” or “oral or poster”. Please note that final assignment of oral or poster presentation will be at the discretion of the organisers. If you opt for “oral only” and this cannot be provided, your paper will not be programmed.

As a guide for programming, please indicate under which of the following sub-topics your paper should be programmed. You may provide first and second choices.

List of Sub-Topics

  1. Driver and Passenger Safety
  2. Management of trauma including emergency and hospital care
  3. Traffic crash analysis and reconstruction
  4. Alcohol, drugs and driving
  5. Older drivers
  6. Fitness to drive including driver assessment and testing
  7. Engineering aspects of crash prevention
  8. Public health and policy aspects of crash prevention
  9. Education and research
  10. Traffic Law Enforcement
  11. Other –

CONTACT DETAILS FOR SUBMITTING AUTHOR: Please type the name of the submitting author, postal address, telephone, fax and email address.


The abstract should be saved as a Microsoft Word file with a “.doc” extension. If this is not possible, save as a Rich Text File (.rtf extension).

Name the file “ITMA 2006 – author surname”. It is important that this system be followed. If you are submitting more than one abstract, please add “-2”, “-3” to subsequent abstracts.

Please submit each abstract as an email attachment to convention@optusnet.com.au. To ensure that it is not misplaced, the subject line of the email MUST be “ITMA 2006 Abstract – author surname”.

Abstracts will not be accepted by fax or on floppy disc. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 31, 2006.

The submitting author will be sent an email advising the receipt of the abstract. If such advice is not received within 5 working days, please contact the conference organiser at convention@optusnet.com.au to ensure that it has not gone astray.

NOTIFICATION TO AUTHORS: current planning is to advise submitting authors how their abstract has been programmed by Late-April, 2006.