Our board member Alberto Silveira passed away

The board of directors in ITMA are sad to inform about the passing away of our dear board member from Argentine, Alberto Silveira. (09/30/1952 – 05/15/2023).

Alberto and his colleague MarĂ­a Cristina Isoba from the Argentine NGO Luchemos por la Vida (Let us fight for life), added to the scientific and humanistic approach of ITMA and took part in our meetings since many years. Alberto was the president and founder of Luchemos por la Vida as a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to help prevent traffic crashes in Argentine.

Luchemos por la Vida’s achievements are significant, including mass awareness campaigns, the proposal for updated national traffic laws, training courses for traffic inspectors, educators, drivers, educational initiatives for children and teenagers, and workshops for those renewing their driving licenses. The initiative continues today, with plans for new traffic laws, action against traffic safety violations, the introduction of medication alert laws, and more. The work in Luchemos por la Vida started with the work of Alberto but will continue in his spirit as long as it is needed. ITMA hopes to find links to our continuing cooperation.

Alberto was a valued member of our board and made significant contributions to our field. We will miss him greatly.