Dear potential ITMA member:

Welcome to the ITMA. Since its founding in 1960 (as the International Association for Accident and Traffic Medicine – IAATM ), we have established an outstanding reputation for international scientific meetings. We have just completed our 18th World Congress in Cairo, Egypt in September 2002, attended by over 800 and opened by the Prime Minister of Egypt with 8 members of the Egyptian cabinet also attending the opening ceremonies.

ITMA is affiliated with the World Health Organization.

Who is eligible to be a member of ITMA?
ITMA membership is open to all involved in activities devoted to reducing harm from traffic crashes. Such activities include: vehicle and traffic engineering, research into factors related to traffic crashes and into injury mechanisms and treatment; medical treatment and care of those injured in traffic; policy, legislation, enforcement, etc.. (click for more discussion)

Why is annual membership set as low as $85
Our primary consideration in setting ITMA annual dues was to create an organization that would include members from the widest possible range of occupations and from all countries of the world. The problem of traffic crashes is so massive, killing a million people per year, that we wanted to involve anyone who might help reduce it. The $85 is only marginally more than the subscription price for Traffic Injury Prevention, a major member benefit. ITMA is thriving by organizational efficiency and the generosity of members in professions and economies that enable them to add a voluntary contribution to the standard $85 annual dues. We are going to strive to keep a low membership fee a permanent feature of ITMA. Indeed, special memberships are available at annual rates of $45 and $15 per year, depending on the members annual income. Please join and become an active participant in ITMA. What the organization evolves into will be determined by you.

Please join and become an active participant in ITMA. What the organization evolves into will be determined by you, the first new members in the new millennium.

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