Safe mobility on land, on sea and in the air

The International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA) invites you to participate in the 23rd World Congress.

The Congress will be held at the University of Hamburg in Germany on Sunday, 19th May - Wednesday, 22nd May 2013.

'Safe mobility on land, sea and air' – The ITMA 2013 World Congress will provide a multidisciplinary network and forum for scientists and practitioners involved in traffic safety to interact with each other and exchange ideas and information on the latest issues in this field. If you click here, you will open the congress flyer to print.  


Minutes of the Board and Members meeting, May 2011, Chongqing

Present: Leonard Evans (president emeritus), Lars Englund (president), Zhenguo Wang (president elect), Wiebo Brouwer (immediate past president, acting secretary), Morris Odell (director Australasia), Ying Wang (director West Asia), Sang Wan Lee (director East Asia), Don Redelmeier (director North America), Ulf Björnstig (director West Europe), György Nemes (director East Europe).


Letter from the president

The 22nd ITMA world congress in Chongqing was a great success. All arrangements were superb and the scientific quality of the presentations and research behind them were better than ever before. At the congress professor Zheng Guo Wang also presented a new comprehensive text book in "Modern Traffic Medicine". This was a thick volume covering all different aspects of what we consider to be Traffic Medicine. Most chapters are in Chinese but with a short summary in English. For all Chinese doctors, psychologists, engineers, decision makers and traffic police officers this must mean a great leap forward for Chinese Traffic Medicine.

The International Traffic and Medicine Association