Save The Date: ICTTP2016, The Sixth International Conference on Traffic & Transport Psychology

ICTTPICTTP2016: The Sixth International Conference on Traffic & Transport Psychology

2-5 August 2016, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia

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As the global population rises, economies become progressively motorized, and “the office” moves increasingly into fleet vehicles, providing safe and efficient transport systems is vital. Technology and engineering can provide part of the solution, but the complete answer can only come through understanding and guiding the behaviour of transport network users. 


Leonard Evans: U.S. traffic safety misleads public

ITMA's President of Emeritus, Dr. Leonard Evans recently published his oponion about the U.S. traffic safety situation on USA Today. 

Last November, the federal government reported something it has done only once in more than 20 years: an increase in the highway fatality rate. Traffic deaths climbed to 30,800 in 2012, pushing the fatality rate up to 1.13 per 100 million miles traveled. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tried to downplay the news, noting that "highway deaths over the past five years continue to remain at historic lows."


Minutes of the Board and Members meeting, May 21, 2013, Hamburg, Germany

Present: Lars Englund (President), Leonard Evans (President Emeritus), Zhenguo Wang (President Elect), Wiebo Brouwer (Immediate past president), Ying Wang (Secretary), Kurt Johansson (Treasurer), Morris Odell (Director Australasia), Masahito Hitosugi (Director Eastern Asia), Jihong Zhou (director Western Asia), Don Redelmeier (Director North America), Dr. Jack Szymanski (Director South America), Ulf Björnstig (Director West Europe), Abbas Motevalian (Director Middle East), Diva Eensoo (Director East Europe), Sven Hultman (Candidate of Treasurer), Paul Brieler (Conference President of the 23rd Congress).


Three of Pope Francis’ relatives die in car crash in Argentina

22 People Die Every Day in This Country

A nephew of the Pope, who was returning to Buenos Aires in his car on the early hours of Tuesday, August 19th, crashed against a cargo truck and his vehicle became embedded in it. In this event, his 39-year-old wife and his two children, a 2-year-old and an 8-months-old passed away. Emanuel Bergoglio remains in critical state.

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